All Clean Living logo is a symbol of SOLIDARITY and CONTINUOUS cycle of Business and LIFE. The outer thicker circle represents Solidarity of the family that established the business and within the community. The inner circle that is connected to the stem of the leaf represents continuity and cycle of business and life. The maple leaf represent Canada, green environment and healthy living.


All Clean Living is a family owned enterprise formed to provide good and quality service to its clients. The owner/operator is equipped with knowledge in all aspects of building and construction works. He has gained extensive experiences locally and internationally in the areas of civil, building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical. A Certified Technician by Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT).


 The business was set up with a mission of creating value for customers and promote the standard of excellence in service.




Handyman with Blue Uniforms

Ariel V. Lunar,

C. Tech.

Owner/Clean Air Specialist